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Sialochemistry: The chemical analysis of saliva to determine its composition. Sialometry: The collection and measurement of saliva for objective determination of salivary gland function. Sialorrhea: The formal medical term for drooling or excessive salivation. Xerostomia: A term used to refer to dry mouth.


However, it is significant to always keep your body hydration. When the water come into your throat from your mouth, it will bring these excessive saliva along thus reduce the amount of saliva. However, it is considered as one of the least expected treatment of how to eliminate excessive saliva. 5. Ginger


Excess saliva production (sialorrhea) is a very common problem in ALS patients. The disease does not cause the overproduction of saliva, like people often think, but instead weakens the throat muscles needed for regular swallowing. When not properly managed, sialorrhea can result in drooling, choking, or difficulty speaking.


Hypersalivation caused by clozapine can lead to sleep deprivation, salivary gland swelling, 1 and aspiration pneumonia. 2 Its socially stigmatizing effects can also deter patients with psychotic illnesses from taking clozapine. It is not clear at what dosage clozapine causes sialorrhea, but the higher the dosage the more severe the problem.


Hypersalivation or excess saliva is a condition where the salivary glands produce excess saliva. More than a disease itself, it is a secondary condition because of some other disorder. Medically, the term is ptyalism.


Treatment:When the symptoms of excessive salivation are simply too much, you may need to consult a doctor for a solution. If salivating is caused by teething, just use a bib to keep the baby cleaner and more comfortable, and gently wipe her chin during day time to get rid of that excessive drooling.


Treatment. Specific treatment for sialorrhea is not always necessary unless the patient is drooling excessively or choking on their saliva. Patients should be encouraged to swallow more often in order to clear the saliva from the mouth. Local factors enhancing increase salivation such as dental problems should be corrected accordingly.


Excess Saliva. Saliva and secretion management is a common challenge among ALS patients (PALS). The medical term is sialorrhea, which is actually a loss of control of saliva. Individuals with ALS don’t produce more saliva than other people, but they can have trouble maneuvering their mouth to swallow it.


Excess saliva can affect tongue movement causing you to have a speech disturbance. Similarly, excessive mouth watering also causes saliva drooling during a speech. The excessive drooling of the saliva may also affect a patient’s ability to speak properly due to shyness and increased self-consciousness. Inhaling Fluids into Lungs:


Hey, I have a problem. About 3/4 of the way through my radiation treatment for squamous cell in my throat and tongue, I developed excessive saliva. On April 15th, treatment ended but as of today I still have the excess saliva. Has anybody heard of this before. It's driving me crazy and keeping me from getting my swallow back and proper speaking.