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The three domains of life are bacteria, eukaryota and archaea. Each of these domains classifies a wide variety of life forms. For example, animals, plants, fungi and more all fall under eukaryota.


The United States Army stresses three training domains for leadership development: operational, institutional and self-development. These domains are set forth in the publication AR 350-1, “Army Training and Leader Development.”


There are three domains of human development that begin with infancy and continue to develop over a lifetime. In many ways, they can be seen as the body, mind and soul of a person.


A domain name is a unique address on the Internet that identifies computers and networks. It works as a part of the Domain Name System through which a user can assign an alphanumerical designation to an IP address, making it easier to remember and use.


The process of purchasing a domain requires that the user first figure out a domain name. The user must then find a registrar that sells the domain and make sure the chosen domain is a top-level domain.


Obtain your own domain by accessing a domain registrar service. Check for name availability, and if your name is available, secure it by agreeing to the purchase terms and paying for the domain.


A domain controller is a server within Microsoft Windows or Windows NT that responds to security authentication requests including log in and checking rights such as accessing a file folder and file modification. It manages all the security requests from other machines and servers on the Windows Ser


A domain name is the Internet equivalent of a physical home address for a website. The name, such as "mywebsite.com" or "internetaddress.org" points to an exact location to a server, much like a postal address points to an exact apartment in a building. It is an easy and reliable way to remember a w


The domain of a function is all of the x values of the function without any repetition. A vertical line has only one x value as its domain, while a horizontal line has a domain of all x values.


According to United Domains, domain structure consists of information to the left of the period and the letter combination to the right of it in a Web address. The content to the right of the punctuation is the domain extension, while the content on the left of the punctuation is the domain name.