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Statistics can be misused, spun or used inappropriately in many different ways. This is not always done consciously or intentionally and the resulting facts or analysis are not necessarily wrong. They may, however, present a partial or overly simplistic picture:


Examples of misleading statistics in the media and politics Misleading statistics in the media are quite common. On Sept. 29, 2015, Republicans from the U.S. Congress questioned Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, regarding the misappropriation of $500 million in annual federal funding.


The question was - What are some examples of statistics used inappropriately? Think of any incredibly optimistic sales forecasts from very small companies - where growing even 500% just isn’t that much in terms of the larger market realities or is...


"The Use — and Misuse — of Statistics: How and Why Numbers Are So Easily Manipulated." Knowledge@Wharton. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 02 April, 2008.


Another well-known example is the myth that kids who eat breakfast perform better at school. It's true that the statistics do show a correlation between eating breakfast and higher academic achievement, and this in turn led to parents cramming cereal down their children's throats in the hopes of force-feeding them into college.


Another place where statistics is used inappropriately in research is in the area of research significance. Ideally, research significance implies the importance that is attached to the research. In the general use of the English language, significance is used to denote the rate at which something happens in a given place.


Just about everyone, including the news media, seems to think Medicaid is eating up 22 percent of state funds. But dig beneath the numbers and you find a different story.


ABUSING STATISTICS FOR POLITICS AND PROFIT ... The averaging method must be carefully chosen to match the type of data used. For example, velocities cannot be averaged using an arithmetic mean. Here is an example of an attempt to qualify a race car: ... Showing an inappropriately large or small amount of data. This buries or emphasizes the ...


Science Faculty, Department of Statistics2, Eskisehir, Turkey. University of Science and Technology of China, Department of Statistics and Finance, School of Business3, Hefei, China. The inappropriate use of statistical method and technique cause time and cost losts and it can be misleading to other scientific researhes.


The question is referring to the fact that statistical methods can be inappropriately applied to a situation leading to invalid results. Here are three examples: 1) Sometimes this happens if assumptions of a statistical method are violated.