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Some examples of religious leaders would be people like the Dalai Lama and Pope Benedict XVI while a list of spiritual leaders would include people like the famous Osho Rajneesh. It is natural, at this point, to look for more information about these people and others like then so here is a list of just such people along with their biographies ...


For example, Confucianism mentions the possibility of an afterlife or heaven, but it doesn’t discuss spiritual matters such as the existence of souls. At any rate, in China at least, Confucianism seems as popular as ever and could still be relevant a thousand years from now. ... Which of these religious leaders died and rose again, with ...


This is a list of the top-level leaders for religious groups with at least 50,000 adherents, and that led anytime since January 1, 2001. It should likewise only name leaders listed on other articles and lists.


He was most famous for his plight for religious freedom in the United States of America. ... I love how he preaches the Gospel with boldness, clear examples, and a sense of humor. For me is among the greatest evangelists of all time ... If it were a list of the 10 most influential Christian leaders of all time then St. Paul, who wrote a ...


Examples of how to use “religious leader” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs


Examples of religious leaders in Christianity include the pope and bishops for Roman Catholicism and the Archbishop of Canterbury for Anglicanism.


The term "clergy" describes official religious leadership in a religion. Those within the clergy are referred to as clergymen, priests, and clerics, among other titles depending on religion and ranking. This page identifies some of the major categories of religious leaders and compares their roles.


Know about lives of some of the most famous and popular spiritual & religious leaders.


A selection of famous spiritual/religious figures and leaders. Many of these religious personalities have founded a new religion or new religious movement. In other cases, they helped to revitalise a particular religion or spiritual movement.


History's Major Religious Leaders Skip down to Famous Contemporary Religious Leaders. The following list of religious leaders is taken directly from Living Biographies of Religious Leaders by Henry Thomas and Dana Lee Thomas, Garden City, New York: Garden City Books (1959), one volume in the Thomas's classic Living Biographies series.