Personal integrity is an innate moral conviction to stand against things that are not virtuous or morally right. This makes individuals do what they think is right regardless of the consequences attached with their decis... More »

An example of personal integrity is when a customer realizes that a cashier forgot to scan an item and takes it back to the store to pay for it. Behaving with Integrity means doing the morally and ethically right thing a... More »

A personal ethics statement can be constructed from a person's beliefs and expectations, and it differs from person to person. A personal ethics statement can be developed by listing a set of desired values, such as inte... More »

Acceptance, accountability, appreciation, bravery, charity, commitment, compassion, creativity, determination, honor, integrity, justice, kindness, loyalty, responsibility and righteousness are all common virtues. These ... More »

Some ethical principles in the hospitality industry include being trustworthy, respectful to others, being accountable, being fair to all, being loyal and maintaining integrity. These are some of the most important princ... More »

Some common ethical principles include honesty, equality, respect for rights, integrity and adherence to the law. While these are all fairly standard ethical principles, their precise applications depend on the setting. ... More »

Two examples of famous people with integrity are Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. Integrity requires that a person only perform actions that square with his inner values. People whose words and actions do not reflect ... More »