An example of perception is the way children view objects differently as they develop. Early on, they only perceive individual shapes and objects, while they are later capable of recognizing relationships between objects... More »

Definitions of the word "perception" include the ability to become aware of something through the physical senses, an intuitive insight, the understanding of something and a way of regarding things. The ability to become... More »

Examples of episodic memory might include the day a person’s younger brother was born, the first day on the school bus or the pony rides at a birthday party. Remembering breaking one’s leg skiing and taking the driver’s ... More » World View Social Sciences

During the sensorimotor stage of human development, children understand the world through their senses, so they put all types of objects in their mouths, shake rattles repeatedly to make sounds and press buttons to turn ... More »

Psychology is a broad field that studies phenomena such as sensation, perception, mental health, social behavior, cognition, behavior, psychological development, emotions, memory and other mental functions and their mani... More »

Some examples of mental processes, which are also known as cognitive processes and mental functions, include perception, creativity and volition. The processes of the mind go beyond these three, but an understanding of p... More »

An example of manipulation of a person would be when a man asks a young child to come see his van because it has lots of yummy candy in it and then he takes the child away. Another example of manipulation would be a youn... More »