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(Nestor:) 'If only gray-eyed Athene would deign to love you, as in those days she used so to take care of glorious Odysseus in the Trojan country, where we Achaians suffered miseries; for I never saw the gods showing such open affection as Pallas Athene, the way she stood beside him, openly; if she would deign to love you as she did him, and care for you in her heart, then some of those people...


They expect Odysseus to make decisions for the well being of the crew. When Odysseus receives advice, even if it is helpful he tends to ignore it. He thinks he is the most intelligent human being, even more so than the gods. A prime example of this is when Odysseus receives advice from Kirke about Scylla.


- Throughout The Odyssey, there is a reoccurring theme of either Odysseus being helped by the gods, or being punished by them. There are certain gods or goddesses that like Odysseus and want to see him get home, and there are some that want nothing less than to see Odysseus die at sea.


I think Odysseus is arrogant in the part where he encounters the Sirens, because Circe says that if he WANTS to listen, he can be tied to the mast, but he tells his men that is SUPPOSED to listen to the Sirens' song. ... What is an example of Odysseus' arrogance in the Odyssey? Examples of Hubris in The Odyssey? Odysseus in The Odyssey? More ...


Odysseus tricks Polyphemus and he escapes with the majority of his men. As they are sailing though, his Hubris takes over and he yells back at Polyphemus that his name is Odysseus and he was the son of Laeretes (100). This example of Hubris is one of the greatest in the Odyssey. This example is what keeps Odysseus from being able to sail home.


Odysseus is commonly a poster child of hubris. The best known example, as well as the example that every single person on this blog probably wrote about, is the story of Odysseus boasting and “rubbing it in” to Polyphemus after he had blinded and escaped from the Cyclops.


Hospitality was often given without the host and/or hostess being aware of who the recipient was. For example, Odysseus is with the Phaeacians several days before he identifies himself. The idea of hubris means to have an excess of pride or arrogance. How the Greeks felt about it is demonstrated too.


Odysseus makes a costly mistake in his decision, all of the evidence he sees in the cave points to a savage and uncivil being, but Odysseus, in his arrogance, elects to wait for the caveman’s return anyway. A reader could use these instances to support a theory that it is better to “quit while you ” re ahead.”


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