An occupational therapy program consists of college-level curriculum that focuses on developing good communication and personal skills to assist people rehabilitating from health conditions resume independent and product... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Physical therapists help individuals work on the mobility of the large motor groups that involve walking, reaching for things and other routine physical activities, according to Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Physical... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Occupational therapy is generally not available online as of 2015. Occupational therapists focus on improving functional physical abilities and task performance in a manner that requires their physical presence. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Occupational therapy programs come as both master's and doctoral degrees, and the exact requirements depend on the institution. Becoming an occupational therapist involves getting at least a master's degree in occupation... More » Education Colleges & Universities

The Rosetta Stone Classroom is an educational language development software program that serves as a companion to foreign language learning and English as a second language curriculum programs. Rosetta Stone increases or... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Adult Secondary Education, Family Literacy and Adult Basic Education are some good literacy programs that help English speakers master written and verbal communication skills, reports America’s Literacy Directory. Englis... More » Education Colleges & Universities

ESOL work skills and communication courses are programs designed to teach important English language skills to those whose native languages are not English. ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. More » Education Colleges & Universities