One common example of a non-green plant is Monotropa uniflora, or Indian Pipe. This completely white member of the blueberry family gets its color from a lack of chlorophyll, or the molecule that synthesizes sugar from s... More »

Examples of non-seed plants include ferns, mosses, liverworts and hornworts. While many non-seed plants do not have a vascular system, some, such as ferns, are vascular plants. All plants are believed to be descendants o... More »

The primary examples of non-seed vascular plants are ferns and horsetails. They possess vascular tissue that is efficient at carrying water and enables them to grow larger than non-vascular plants. They reproduce and spr... More »

One familiar example of a rhizome is ginger. Culinary ginger root is a rhizome, a kind of stem that grows underground, parallel to the surface, which stores food to renew growth in times of hardship. Rhizomes can grow ro... More »

An example of a beginner plant science project would be an experiment with colored water and white carnations to examine capillary action. More advanced plant science projects include determining water quality using duck... More » Science Biology Botany

According to eFloras, an online database of global flora, the Cannabaceae endlicher family of plants are a small and diverse example of North American flora. The Cannabaceae endlicher family can be either annual or peren... More »

One example of a perfect flower is the China rose, a variety of hibiscus. Others are lilies, apple and cherry blossoms, and flowers on legumes. Walnuts and chestnuts are examples of plants with imperfect flowers. Other e... More »