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McCarthyism is a modern example of a witch hunt, or finding criminality or grievance where none exists. Some good examples: * Duke Lacross rape case (criminal charges built on a lie because they fit a popular media narrative) * Hands up don’t shoo...


Today’s McCarthyism has many faces and voices, including the household names of right-wing cable television, a plethora of radio hosts, Religious Right leaders, right-wing organizations and the bogus “grassroots” campaigns they generate – and Members of Congress and other Republican Party officials.


McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. The term refers to U.S. senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting from the late 1940s through the 1950s. It was characterized by heightened political repression and a campaign spreading fear of ...


Named for Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-Wis.) who led the witch-hunt in Congress, McCarthyism refers to the wave of political repression during the late 1940s and early 1950s that targeted the Communist Party, people in the party’s orbit and left-wing activists in general.


The Rise of McCarthyism Among Some Republican Politicians Understand the psychological motives behind the rise of McCarthy tactics. Posted Jul 08, 2013


Today there are many examples of McCarthyism that exist in the world around us. The fact that McCarthyism still exists is a little frightening. McCarthyism is still attacking people all over the world and it needs to stop. Here are a few things that are outrageous to think of.


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McCarthy's ideology was dubbed McCarthyism and was know for, " The practice of publicizing accusation of political disloyalty or subversion without any evidence." McCarthy was an instigator, filing American minds with fear that communism was not just on the other side of the globe, but around the corner in the shadows of their neighborhoods.


Today, more than 60 years after Joe McCarthy’s fall from power, the term “McCarthyism” is synonymous with scare tactics that place self-promotion ahead of party and country. McCarthyism was ...


Seventy years ago today, on January 3, 1946, Joseph Raymond McCarthy stepped into the U.S. Senate seat formerly occupied by the founder of this magazine, Robert M. “Fighting Bob” La Follette. By February of 1950, McCarthy had burst into the national spotlight with a series of speeches against ...