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The manufacturing of cars, guns and fast food are examples of mass production. Mass production is a method of producing goods in large quantities at a low cost per unit. The machine tool industry gave rise to the idea of mass production. Innovators in Britain and the United States began producing interchangeable parts.


Thousands of companies use mass production every day to get their products onto store shelves. Learn the definition of mass production and go over some techniques and examples. 2016-02-14


Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company was the first firm to start with mass production. The Ford model T stands for the first vehicle launched in the global marketplace. The sales went through the roofs, since it was affordable for the middle-class society.


Mass production, also known as flow production or continuous production, is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines. Together with job production and batch production, it is one of the three main production methods.


Mass production is the manufacturing of large quantities of standardized products often using assembly lines or automated technology. High volume production brings economies of scale.


Mass production: Mass production, application of the principles of specialization, division of labor, and standardization of parts to the manufacture of goods. Such manufacturing processes attain high rates of output at low unit cost. Learn more about the history, uses, and economic and environmental effects of mass production.


Mass Production Definition. Mass production (MP) is a process to produce the largest quantity of items while using the fewest resources. It uses a combination of single-purpose machines and low- or semi-skilled labour to produce large amounts of standardised goods for mass consumption, to an extensive market, at low prices (Sabel & Zeitlin, 1985; Poni, 1997).


Mass customization is the production of unique goods at scale. It is a technique that allows a firm to produce a broad array of product variations to serve different markets, preferences and requirements. The following are illustrative examples.


A definition of job production with several examples. Job production is the production of one item at a time. It is associated with high quality goods, customized orders and unique items.


Mass Customization. Before talking more about mass customization, I first would like to note that there is a wide area between mass production and mass customization. Many companies make different trade-offs between price and customization, and still have a good business model.