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The company referred to the campaign as a "global, social experiment," in which Airbnb asked the community to perform random acts of hospitality for strangers, and then take a video or photo with the person and share it using the hashtag.


The most successful companies understand that consistent and universally appealing messaging has to be combined with an understanding of local culture and tastes – a tactic that’s known as a ‘glocal’ strategy. Here are five examples of powerful global branding in action. Airbnb


The ability of any beverage company to impact a worldwide market cannot be understated. Changing tastes in drinking habits is not easy, as often what and even how a beverage is consumed is closely tied to culture. Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known examples of companies that successfully brought their brand global.


A new ranking of this year's best multinational employers. Here are the 25 best global companies to work for.


Global Company Examples Although using the term global in reference to business began in recent years, doing business globally isn't new. One example is that of Coca-Cola, which was a fledgling startup in 1886.


The example of the Born Global Company Logitech, the computer peripherals company who is the one of the excellent early examples of born-global firm. Focusing first on the PC mouse, the firm was established by two Italians and a Swiss. The company’s operations and research and development were firstly devided between California and Switzerland.


Examples of global companies include: McDonald's restaurants are located across the globe, and serve the same menu in all of their locations. There is, of course, some menu customization depending on the location, which leans more toward the multinational category, but at a high level, McDonald's behaves like a global business.


Forbes’ 18th annual ranking of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies illustrates the magnitude of the global shutdowns and serves as a warning for more trouble ahead in the coming months.


The 2014 ranking of the best companies to work for around the world, in partnership with Great Place to Work.


Despite global efforts and petitions from humanitarian groups, there are still many major companies around the world that employ child labour - knowingly or otherwise - in order to make a profit. As business rely on increasingly globalised supply chains, the ethical and legal practices of the contractors and sub-contractors that they use can ...