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In my opinion family tendencies can be both biological and social. Our family has the tendency to gain weight in no time. Similarly in old age people get diabetic.Both the trends are interlinked with the tendency to over eat and over stress. Socia...


A word family is like ip, ar, or others that make up different words with the same word family examples: ar- car, far, bar, jar, par ip- chip, clip, skip, dip, hip these are all examples for a ...


A family tendency relates to the presence of a disease or condition in the parents or grandparents of an individual. This statistically increases a person's likelihood of being affected by the same condition.


I'm from (family tradition) and (family trait) From (name of family member) and (another name) I'm from the (description of family tendency) and (another one) From (something you were told as a child) and (another) I'm from (representaion of religion or lack of), (further description) I'm from (place of birth and family ancestry)


A positive family history of one or two first-degree relatives having had melanoma substantially increases the risk on a genetic basis. A family tendency is observed in 8% to 12% of patients. Read ...


A tendency is an inclination to do something. For example, dogs have a tendency to bark at strangers and the mail man. We all have tendencies: things we're inclined to do, or like to do, or just can't help doing.


To introduce myself to new readers, I thought I would re-post an exercise I did from a previous blog with a couple of small updates. The poem below is an idea that I saw on a friend's blog. Speaking of "Where I'm From", Kathy and her husband Scott are also a former colleagues of mine from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Note: The…


Family History, Family Tree & Genealogy Research Examples. The AncestryProGenealogists team is the official research division for Ancestry. We provide research for the Who Do You Think You Are? television series. However, the bulk of our research is solving family mysteries, breaking down brick walls, and discovering stories for everyone else.


A family trait is a genetic likeness that is passed through parents' genes to their children. Most specific traits are passed directly from one parent. Genetic disorders are also traits that can be passed from a parent to a child. According to Scientific American, traits that are passed down to children can be dominant or recessive.


I'll give you the template here. You can search on "where I’m from" and find many others who have taken the time to do this valuable exercise. More often than not, one person having completed it, will encourage all their brothers and sisters to complete the poem template for their parents and each other. Glad you stopped by.