Examples of defamation include spoken false statements called slander and written false statements called libel. In addition to being false, defamatory statements must have harmful intent. In the United States, defamatio... More »

Defamation of character is a legal term that comes into play when one person makes a false statement about another person. For a statement to rise to the level of defamation of character, it must be false and cause harm,... More »

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You can bring a lawsuit for defamation of character if you can establish that a statement was made about you that was published, injurious, false and unprivileged, Nolo explains. The laws vary by state, but these four el... More »

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Examples of intentional torts include fraud, misrepresentation, false imprisonment, slander and libel, according to Nolo. Assault, battery and wrongful death may be considered intentional torts and crimes depending on th... More »

Examples of vandalism include altering or defacing road signs and spray painting a person’s property with the intent of disfiguring it. Other forms of vandalism include scratching paint off another person’s car, defacing... More »

Examples of victim impact statements are available at victimsupportservices.org and the City of Baltimore at crime.baltimorecity.gov. Both websites also offer some insight as to what goes into a victim impact statement. More »

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Examples of mala prohibita crimes include drunk driving, public intoxication, drug abuse, gambling in countries where it?s prohibited and tax evasion. Other examples include speeding and parking in a handicapped zone. In... More »