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5 of History's Worst Perpetrators of Corruption. BY Floss books. October 28, 2008. ... The fact is, he's the only judge in Illinois history to be convicted of fixing a trial. Of course, there ...


Perceived corruption in 40 increased, while in 45 it decreased. Figure 1 (below) illustrates with six examples, two each from the top, middle and bottom of the distribution. Three of these examples exhibit increasing corruption: the Philippines, Tunisia and the United Kingdom.


The history of Italy, would indeed be a great place to start, when you want to look into the effects of Corruption on governments, empires and states. Firstly there was the Roman Empire, that was greatly weekended by corruption, as Jd Smith, has already explained.


Politics, as many people know, can be quite a dirty business, leading to some of the biggest political scandals in history. Because of the many perks that are included with public service, such as fame, power, money, and honor, there are certain politicians that cannot control themselves and give in to the temptations of corruption and greed.


Grand corruption is defined as corruption occurring at the highest levels of government in a way that requires significant subversion of the political, legal and economic systems. Such corruption is commonly found in countries with authoritarian or dictatorial governments but also in those without adequate policing of corruption.


History of police corruption in the United States The challenges facing the Chicago Police Department today are not new, nor are they unique to this city. The problem reaches back as far as the establishment of the first organized police forces in the United States. Corruption has taken many forms and has continued to plague the police departments of nearly every major city.


The Ten Most Corrupt Politicans in U.S. History. With the recent impeachment trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich, we thought it only fitting to take a look at politicians we found to be the most ...


Of course, the FBI videotaped each of the meetings, and the tapes show a picture of almost comical corruption and greed. In one notable example Richard Kelly, a Florida congressman, stuffed ...


Once you remove honesty, the whole stack of cards can come tumbling down. Of course, while some companies can make a comeback after a scandal, many others go down with the ship and file for bankruptcy. As we peel back the covers of financial greed, here is a list of the 25 Biggest Corporate Scandals Ever.


True to the old adage that ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’, we have compiled a list of the ten most corrupt world leaders of recent history. Proof that corruption is truly a global issue, the list de-bunks the myth that cases of grand corruption (and kleptocratic regimes responsible for it), are limited to certain parts of the world ...