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Your Dictionary's website provides a good example of a written proposal. The example breaks the proposal into sections, including the contact information header, purpose statement, problem and evidence, proposed solution and the cost of said solution. The proposal ends ...


A good proposal includes a persuasive argument that leads to a sale. It shows an understanding for the business and its client base, and it answers a problem the business has with a reasonable solution.


Web.COCC.edu and Writing.Engr.PSU.edu contain examples of report proposals. These proposals are research and thesis proposals by undergraduates and master's and doctorate proposals to satisfy academic requirements and outline a prospective topic of research.


A professional construction proposal specifies the scope of the work the contractor agrees to complete, communicates the total cost and articulates a payment schedule. The construction proposal documents the entire agreement between the contractor and the client, accord...


Write a proposal by first getting all the information necessary from the funding agency, department administrator and dean if it is an educationally based proposal. Second, fill in the information starting with the title page and continuing through the appendices accord...


Examples of educational research proposals are "New Directions in Law & Education Reform Research" and "A Comparison of Methods for Analyzing Missing Data in Longitudinal Study." These are successful research proposals as can be found on the AERA website.


A proposed law is called a bill while under consideration by a legislative body. It does not become an official law until the legislative process is complete, and the bill is ratified.