Whether any real Utopian society exists is highly questionable, although there were a number of 19th century American communities that attempted to create their own normally highly religious utopias, most notably George ... More »

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A utopian society refers to a group of people attempting to live together in a perfect way to form a perfect society. There are many different views and beliefs on what a utopian society looks like. More »

Characteristics of utopian societies include the right to do whatever a person wants, a lack of religion, equality among all people, government support for all people, an abundant supply of everything, no work and availa... More »

A matrilineal society is a society in which lineage, birthright and social classification are traced through the mother's ancestry rather than the father's, as is common in patriarchal societies. Although there were many... More »

According to an online article in Times Higher Education, the most egalitarian societies existing today include Japan, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In these societies, the principles of Egalitarianism are demonstrated eco... More »

Folkways are behaviors that are typical in a society. These behaviors typically govern unimportant details of day-to-day life, such as how people should dress or behave. Folkways may include how to dress for a funeral, h... More »

Examples of formal groups, or formal organizations, in society include military units, corporations, churches, court systems, universities, sports teams and charities. Formal organizations denote a social system defined ... More »