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The good examples of insulators are cloth, wood, glass, quartz, mica, etc. These are used as protectors because they provide safety against sound, electricity, and heat. Types of Conductors and Insulators are available based on their functions and properties.


Examples of Conductors and Insulators. Examples of conductors include metals, aqueous solutions of salts (i.e., ionic compounds dissolved in water), graphite, and the human body. Examples of insulators include plastics, Styrofoam, paper, rubber, glass and dry air. The division of materials into the categories of conductors and insulators is a ...


A good conductor allows the electric current to pass through it freely while an insulator does not allow the electric current to pass through it. Conductors are mostly metals like copper. Insulators are mostly non-metallic solids which have extremely high resistance towards the flow of charge and do not allow the charge to flow through them.


Steel, iron and graphite are some examples of fair conductors. This type of conductor is usually used because this allows the electrons move freely therefore enables the current flow easily.


A good conductor has a high electrical or heat conductivity, and is generally a substance rich in loosely-held free electrons, such as a metal. Copper and aluminum are good conductors. A poor conductor (such as the non-metals glass, porcelain, and rubber) has few free electrons and resists the flow of electricity or heat.


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But not all solids are good conductors of sound. Cork, for instance, has low elasticity. Its molecules tend to absorb energy rather than conduct it. Air, a mixture of gases, is less elastic than most solids and all liquids. Despite being the standard medium through which we hear sounds, it is actually a relatively poor conductor.


A compound semiconductor is a semiconductor compound composed of chemical elements of at least two different species. These semiconductors typically form in periodic table groups 13–15 (old groups III–V), for example of elements from the Boron group (old group III, boron, aluminium, gallium, indium) and from group 15 (old group V, nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, bismuth).


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Most metals are considered good conductors while rubber is a good insulator. Examples of insulators and conductors? Insulators: wood, plastic Conductors: Copper, Gold.