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Uranium is a metal and is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. The thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of uranium are 27 W/m and 28.10-8 ohm.m respectively. In case of metals, a good conductor of heat is also a good conductor of electricity. This is not true for most of the nonmetallic substances.


Table 1 Conductor, Insulator, and Semiconductor Characteristics. A good example of a Conductor is copper. Copper wire (which is the most commonly used conductor) passes current with little opposition. A good example of an Insulator is a rubber. Rubber is used to coat the handles of many tools that are used in electric work (such as pliers, screwdrivers, etc.).


A conductor is a substance in which electrons can move freely from one atom to another. An insulator is a substance in which electrons cannot move from one atom to another. Common Conductors and Insulators Good Conductors Fair Conductors Good Insulators (Non-conductors) Silver Carbon Oil Copper Human body Fur Gold Moist human skin Silk Aluminum Acid solutions Wool Magnesium Salt water Rubber ...


Some of the important uses good and bad Conductors of Heat are given below : Uses of Good and Bad Conductors of Heat: 1. Cooking utensils are made from good conductors of heat. Such utensils get heated up quickly. Food can be cooked efficiently in shorter time. The utensils are generally made of copper, brass, steel, aluminium etc. 2.


Copper (Cu) is a good heat conductor but has a high corrosion rate. Its color is reddish orange and has soft character with a boiling point of 2835 °K (2562 °C, 4643 °F). Therefore it is utilized for electrical conductor in the form of isolated cable. If it mixed with lead will produce bronze. Copper is usually used for medals.


Conductors. A conductor is a material that easily conducts electrical current. Most metals are good conductors. The best conductors are single element materials, such as copper(Cu), silver(Ag), gold(Au), which are characterized by atoms with only one valence electron very loosely bound to the atom.


But not all solids are good conductors of sound. Cork, for instance, has low elasticity. Its molecules tend to absorb energy rather than conduct it. Air, a mixture of gases, is less elastic than most solids and all liquids. Despite being the standard medium through which we hear sounds, it is actually a relatively poor conductor.


Steel, iron and graphite are some examples of fair conductors. This type of conductor is usually used because this allows the electrons move freely therefore enables the current flow easily.


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Most metals are considered good conductors while rubber is a good insulator. Examples of insulators and conductors? Insulators: wood, plastic Conductors: Copper, Gold.