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Hence, the stock ledger is a simple but important recording document. It is to record the type of stock the business acquires and tracks its flow. The selling and purchase prices of every stock are recorded to compute the profit or loss. The quantity of stock is also recorded to ensure that the company will not lose business due to unavailable ...


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Form: Stock Ledger and Capitalization Summary Purpose: This is a sample form of Stock Ledger and Capitalization Summary for a private corporation. It is intended to keep track of common stock, preferred stock, options and warrant issuances.


The stock ledger allows you to keep an accurate record of stock transactions for your corporation, and is an essential element of a corporate records book. A stock ledger is generally included as part of a corporate records kit, and should be maintained in the corporate records book.


Dictionary.com defines a stock ledger as the capital stock records of a corporation. Stock ledgers are also often referred to as stock books. These records are permanent, and contain the personal information of each stockholder along with details of each share they own.


If you are a corporation, then you must use a stock ledger to track who owns what stock in your company. This allows you to know the ownership percentage of each investor. Any time there is a transaction dealing with the stock, you must write down: the stock certificate number; shareholder name; full address of the ...


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Today I added a stock transfer ledger template to the documents available for free user downloads.Corporations can use this template to help track the issuance of shares and transfer (or repurchase) of shares after they have been issued.


Improperly keeping/maintaining a stock ledger can lead to you being responsible for the liabilities of your company (i.e. your corporate veil being pierced). Other Names for the Stock Ledger. The stock ledger may also be referred to as the stock book, the stock transfer ledger, or a corporate stock ledger.


Transactions on a share ledger, called "posts," typically include stock certificate numbers, the transaction's date, the shareholder's name and address, the number and class of shares, and the value of the entire transaction. Share ledger posts classify the type of transaction as either a credit or a debit to the corporation.