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Sample Notary Signature Letter. This sample of notary language can be sent out if a company or institution is changing requirements to include notarization. If an institution previously only required a signature and now requires a notarized letter, they could send this sample to provide notary language to the people affected by the change.


Sample Forms “(Personalized Seal)” in the following examples means a seal containing the words "Notary Public, State of Texas" around a star of five points, the notary public's name, and the date the notary public's commission expires. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I. Form for Ordinary Certificate of Acknowledgment State of Texas County of _____


Notarization Format Examples The following format examples are provided as a reference. ... (Notary’s official signature) _____ (Title of office) _____ (Commission Expiration) JOHN Q. SAMPLE NOTARY PUBLIC STATE OF COLORADO NOTARY ID 20121234567 MY COMMISSION EXPIRES AUGUST 8, 2016 ... JOHN Q. SAMPLE NOTARY PUBLIC STATE OF COLORADO


(NOTARY SEAL) (Signature of Notary Public-State of Florida)(Name of Notary Typed, Printed, or Stamped)


North Carolina Notarial Certificates Acknowledgment by Individual State of North Carolina County of _____ I, _____, Notary Public, do hereby certify that _____ (name of individual(s) whose acknowledgment is being taken) personally appeared before me this day and acknowledged the due execution of the foregoing instrument.


The Florida notary acknowledgement forms are legal instruments which a notary public uses to validate a person’s signature.As with all types of notarization, acknowledgements can only be performed if the signing party appears before the notary public and confirms their identity.


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The Texas notary acknowledgment form is a letter of verification made by a notary public which proves that they’ve confirmed a client’s signature as being authentic. Contained within the acknowledgment form are details related to the location and date of acknowledgment as well as the name of the individual whose signature is being authenticated.


(Notary Seal) Signature of Notary Public Notary Public My Commission expires:_____ Certification of Notary’s Fair Register of Official Act: STATE OF MARYLAND COUNTY OF _____ On this _____ day of _____, 20____, I hereby certify that the attached document is a true copy made by me from a record in my fair register of official acts.