A memorized speech is a speech that is recited from memory rather than read from cue cards or using the assistance of notes. This method of speech delivery does not come as highly recommended as others. More »

Some examples of symbolic speech include sit-ins, flag waving, marching in a parade, demonstrations and wearing protest buttons. All of these activities involve non-speech or non-written elements. More »

A good valedictorian speech should share fond memories of school years and gratitude for the institution and teachers. Most schools recommend that a valedictorian speech stay brief, at about 10 minutes or less. More »

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The key to memorizing a long passage such as a speech is creating memory associations rather than simply memorizing each word in sequence. Focus initially on learning the outline of the speech and not individual words. A... More »

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According to The University of Texas, Arlington’s Dr. Mike Putnam, the correct way to analyze a speech is to consider objectively “invention, arrangement, style, delivery and memory.” These elements make up the classical... More »

Write a speech when running for class president by making extensive notes, meeting with appropriate administrators and faculty, developing a theme for the speech, and then filling the speech with experiences, qualificati... More »

An extemporaneous speech is an impromptu speech that is given without any special advance preparation and while it may have been previous planned, in a limited capacity, it is delivered without the help of notes. There a... More »