Linear function word problems are presented when a question is asked that requires students to figure out the linear function of a problem through words. These problems can be figured out more easily when they are transl... More » Math Algebra

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To write linear equations from word problems, the student must first decide which quantities to assign variables to, and then decide what operations must be performed in order to solve the problem. For example, the unkno... More »

When applied in mathematics, the term "linear" refers to any equation that, or any function whose equation is, a straight line. When placed on a graph, the formula follows 'y = mx+b' where 'm' is equal to the slope and '... More » Math Algebra

The 2004 second edition of "Linear Algebra Done Right" by Sheldon Axler teaches linear algebra to undergraduate college students. The International Standard Book Number of this text in paperback is 978-0-387-98258-8. More » Math Algebra