A routine request letter is mostly used in business or formal communications to request for information that is part of normal business operations. It contains three sections, which include the introduction, the body and... More »

Free examples of letters of request include request for a change in a contract, request for confirmation, request for an endorsement and request for employment reference. As of January 2016, Resumizer.com has six free te... More »

LoveToKnow.com, EnglishClub.com and AtYourBusiness.com have sample payment request letters available. All three are generic letters featuring a professional tone that could easily be applied to a wide range of payment re... More »

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A business meeting request letter should be written in a standard business-letter format and should not contain slang. State the reason for the meeting, the location of the meeting, potential meeting dates and times, and... More »

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While personal letters typically begin with a simple greeting, business or formal letter begin with a collection of information that includes the date, the sender's name and address, possibly the company the sender works... More »

A memorandum letter is a brief letter sent within a business to share information with employees. Companies use memorandum letters to share reports, provide instructions, announce changes and delegate tasks. "Memo" is a ... More »

A letter to request sponsorship from an individual or business should include information about the letter writer or the organization represented, the type of need that may include a donation of money, products or servic... More »