Entropy is seen in situations that involve the dispersal of energy from a concentrated state to a less concentrated one, such as a hot pan cooling down, a tire blowing and releasing its air, the rusting of metal or cream... More »

High entropy is a high level of disorganization in a physical system, such as molecules in a gas. Entropy is a quantity used by physicists to describe how organized systems are on the atomic and subatomic level. More »

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In an equation, the convention is to denote absolute entropy with the letter S. The change in entropy in an equation is denoted by delta S. More »

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A Schauberger generator is a device that is purported to create a positive net gain of energy from water or air flowing through it. This functionality is disputed by many skeptics and physicists. More »

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Some thermodynamics problems include state evaluation of pure science issues, basic challenges, problems involving a closed system undergoing a process and closed steady systems problems. Other problems are those that in... More »

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Inelastic collisions are collisions where the kinetic energy is not conserved during the incident, but the total energy and momentum is conserved. For example, when a car collides with an immovable object, it is stopped,... More »

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A bullet fired from a gun is an example of mechanical kinetic energy, while the gunpowder before firing is an example of chemical potential energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of a particle or wave in motion, while pote... More »