A cultural pattern develops through a society's perception, interpretation, response and expression to its surrounding environment. In some cultures, sexual activity between a man and his intended wife's sister is permis... More »

The star pattern of Native American Star Quilts represents the morning star, which is an important symbol in the beliefs of the Lakota tribe and ceremonial life. It also represents gift giving to many Native Americans; f... More »

An example of cultural integration is the remaking of foreign films for American audiences. For example, the 2007 film "The Departed" is a remake of the Chinese film "Infernal Affairs." Other examples of cultural integra... More »

The cultural deviance theory states that social disorganization and delinquency are linked, resulting in crime as a normal response to the social, structural and cultural characteristics of a community. This theory uses ... More »

Culture is defined as an expression of society through material things and beliefs. Culture encompasses ideology, values, religion and artistic works. Subcultures are values and norms distinct from the societal majority.... More »

The cultural transmission theory, also known as cultural learning, enculturation and socialization, states that all behavior is learned from the society or culture that surrounds a person. If a child is exposed to devian... More »

A person's cultural background refers to the environment and surroundings in which he/she grew up in. It is the collection of influences in a person's life and involves much more than just geographic location. More »