A notarized document features the content of the original document and a notarial certificate that includes a notary seal. The notarial certificate portion must be included to authenticate the document completely. The wo... More »

A notary public attests to the validity of the identity of the signature on a document rather than of the document itself, as stated by the Michigan Department of State Office of the Great Seal. There is no time limit on... More »

The act of notarization doesn't make a document legally binding, and it simply certifies that the individuals who sign a document are who they purport to be, according to the National Notary Association. Although a legal... More »

According to the National Notary Association, notaries should keep the notary book and seal locked in a briefcase or drawer when not in use. Another suggestion is a filing cabinet that locks, or a personal safe. More »

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The notarization of a document never expires, as long as the seal used during the notarization process is still valid, states the National Notary Association. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to seek legal counsel... More »

A jurat form is a form or certificate used to sign a jurat. A jurat is needed when a signer is swearing to the content of a document. More »

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The notary statement on any notarized document must include the notary's name, seal and signature; the names and signatures of other signatories; and the place and date of notarization. Depending on the jurisdiction and ... More »