Common examples of simple harmonic motion include an object attached to a spring, a swinging pendulum and loudspeakers. Simple harmonic motion refers to the swinging motion exhibited by any object in the presence of Hook... More »

Some examples of periodic motion include a bouncing basketball, a swinging tire swing, a metronome or a planet in its orbit. Periodic motion is a physics term meaning the repetition of the same motion in the same amount ... More »

Merry-go-rounds and carousels found at amusement parks are examples of mechanisms utilizing circular motion. Curves in roads and racetracks cause automobiles and their drivers to experience it. Artificial satellites and ... More »

In physics, simple harmonic motion refers to repetitive oscillation back and forth through a central or equilibrium position. A pendulum is a good example of a physical system that exhibits simple harmonic motion. The ti... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

Some examples of resonance are a pendulum, a playground swing, a tuning fork and a human voice at a pitch sufficient to shatter glass. Resonance is a vibration system or external force driving another system to oscillate... More »

In the study of physics, non-uniform motion occurs, when an object travels an unequal distance in an equal amount of time. An example would be a car that travels 30 miles during the first hour of a trip and 50 miles duri... More »

The law of inertia is a fundamental physics principle used to describe how an object behaves in motion or at rest, particularly when forces are applied to it. The object can be anything that has mass. More »