Business memorandums typically have five parts: recipient, sender, date, subject and message. Purdue University's online writing lab and both explain the purpose and format of a memo and offer sample memos. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications

A memo, according to Dr. Judith Newman, is a short piece of communication that conveys a person's thoughts, reactions or opinions on an issue. The key principle behind memos is that they must be short, because their main... More »

A simplified memo format is used for writing a simple memo, which is a type of communication used in a business. According to Specimen Templates, a simple memo usually has one to four sentences only. Memos are typically ... More »

To write a business memo, label the paper memo at the top, note the sender and the group for which the memo is intended, and state the subject of the memo clearly in bold type. Write an introductory paragraph followed by... More »

A business letter is formatted with the sender's address followed by the date on the date line, inside address (recipient's address, including his or her name), salutation, body, closing and any enclosures. The parts of ... More »

The main guideline for basic letter writing, such as a business letter, is to follow the standard format, which includes the sender's and recipient's address, the date, salutation, body of the letter and closing. Writers... More »

Different types of professional letters to staff members include internal memorandums about company proceedings, letters of acknowledgement for a specific action, letters of reprimand or notification letters regarding po... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications