An example is the common garden hose attached to a sill cock with the end of the hose lying in a cesspool. Other examples are a garden hose attached to a ...


A cross connection can occur in many places. One example is where a laundry tub has a faucet below the top of the laundry tub. If the faucet enters the tub ...


Common examples of cross-connections include a garden hose submerged in a pesticide mixture, a piped connection providing potable feed water to an ...


A cross-connection is a point in a plumbing system where the potable supply ... a cross-connection, nonetheless, it is an example of waterborne illness caused ...


Oct 16, 2019 ... When drinking water piping connects to various plumbing fixtures or water utilizing equipment a cross-connection is created. If improperly ...


Feb 19, 2009 ... The following examples illustrate cross connections: 1. A prevalent type of cross connection is illustrated by a hose connected to a sillcock.


examples of potential cross connections. a chemical attached to a hose dispener, has potential to backsiphonage into hose. any faucet below a water fill line.


A cross connection is a connection between a potable drinking water pipe and a non-potable source. For example: you're planning to spray weed killer on your ...


Cross Connections in Household Plumbing ... presence of cross-connections can be a source of contamination to the public water ... Here is an example:.


A cross-connection is a link between the potable water supply and contaminated ... An example of a direct cross-connection is shown in the slide show at right.