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For example, rapidly growing cells usually have a large number of ribosomes ( Figure 5). Ribosomes are complexes of rRNA molecules and proteins, and they can ...


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Definition of ribosome. : any of the RNA-rich cytoplasmic granules that are sites of protein synthesis — see cell illustration. Other Words from ribosome Example ...


Ribosomes are the protein synthesizers of the cell, found floating within the cytoplasm or attached ... A ribosome is a complex molecular machine found inside the living cells th...


Jun 1, 2020 ... Example sentences from the Web for ribosome. Then, the RNA brings these instructions to the ribosome, which “reads” them. Scientists Say: ...


make up the ribosome are the most abundant proteins in the cytosol. In eukaryotes ... For example, this structure is adopted by the genome of the turnip yellow


Understanding Ribosomes : Example Question #1. Where are ribosomes synthesized in the cell? Possible Answers: Rough endoplasmic reticulum. Mitochondria.


A ribosome functions as a micro-machine for making proteins. Ribosomes are composed of special proteins and nucleic acids. The TRANSLATION of information ...


Ribosomes are found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. ... occasionally act as catalysts, too, and portions of the large ribosomal subunit are an example.


For example, the pancreas is responsible for creating several digestive enzymes and the cells that produce these enzymes contain many ribosomes. Thus, we see  ...