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Executive summaries are one-page documents at the beginnings of longer reports that contain three or four parts: a description of the entity making the proposal (if this is pertinent to the report), a definition of the problem, the report's purpose and a summary of the report. The font and other vis


"Into the Wild" is about a young man named Christopher McCandless who, after graduating from high school, sells his belongings and hitchhikes to Alaska to live off the land. McCandless's body is found two years later in an abandoned bus in Denali National Park after he died from starvation.


Starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John Reilly, Diane Lane and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, "The Perfect Storm" captures the experience of men and women who face violent weather conditions as they bring rescue vessels and fishing boats out to sea. When three strong weather fronts collide, there


Ibalon is a Philippines epic that comes from a fragment of 60 stanzas that is said to be the source of the Philippines indigenous identity and the story follows the hero Handiong as he conquers the land of Ibalon, transforming it into the Bicol it is today. The Ibalon epic was first transcribed by S


In S. E. Hinton's "The Outsiders," Ponyboy Curtis describes what happens when rival gangs the Greasers and the Socs decide to settle their turf war with a rumble. He also learns the value of family and the importance of remembering people he has lost.


“School Dance,” Nick Cannon’s 2014 directorial debut, tells the story of Jason Jackson, a socially awkward high school freshman who wants to join his school’s most popular dance crew. The movie tells his story largely through flashbacks. Bobb’e J. Thompson stars, and Kristinia DeBarge plays opposite


Written by Gillian Flynn in 2012, "Gone Girl" follows a woman who masterminds a plot, which includes faking her own disappearance and implying her own murder, to punish her husband, declare her worth and challenge the status quo of their comfortable, upper-middle-class marriage. The breakout novel i


O. Henry's 1907 tale "The Last Leaf" tells the story of a young woman, Johnsy, dying of pneumonia and what her friends do to try to save her life. The woman is helped by her roommate and best friend, Sue, and their elderly neighbor, Behrman.


Written by Lois Lowry, “Gathering Blue” is a book that challenges its readers to reflect critically on the future based on the social values and the political direction they presently take. The book follows the story of Kira, an orphaned young girl taken to live in a strange government compound at t


A summary trial is a trial conducted with the judge sitting alone, which means that no jury is present. This trial is held to establish whether the underlying case is eligible for trial by jury.