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Mascara: What would we do without it? It's a staple in many a makeup bag, sometimes the only thing women grab when they're in a rush. You might not have time to do a full face of makeup, but there ...


Mascara is such an integral part of our beauty routines that we just accept it as a salient thing. But over its more than 6,000 year-long history, mascara has gone through some pretty big changes.


Did you know? Evolution of Mascara How has it changed? In 1971 Maybelline's Great lash water-based mascara was introduced. It is still #1 on the market. Modern Day Mascara Citations: In the 1800's beauty practices was put back into mainstreams. In 1872 the mascara industry


Evolution of Mascara Timeline created by emmajacques. In Personal. 4,000 BCE. First Time Eye Makeup Was Applied Since ancient times darkening powders have been used to embellish the eye in both ritual and adornment. -69 BCE. Cleopatra Used Eye Paint Egyptian queen Cleopatra's infamous beauty was magnified by the use of eye-paint, which helped ...


The rebirth of mascara has been introduced by Sephora with a brand new upside down mascara. Sephora Collection Upside Down Mascara’s claim to fame is a double brush that’s meant to coat lashes with 360 degrees of its valuing formula. This double-brush mascara enables you to create volume, length, curl, and definition.


Is Miralash Really The Next Evolution Of Mascara? FNIF Investigates. Miralash is growing in popularity and many users swear by it in their reviews. But can it live up to its hype? Find out about possible before and after results, side effects and where to buy it at the best price in our Miralash review!


NU EVOLUTION Mascara is my new go-to mascara for my daily makeup routine. The black color is very pigmented and the consistency is super light, yet gives my lashes the length and volume that they need. Also, I love how all of their products are non-toxic and organic. Definitely would recommend!


The Evolution Of Makeup Throughout History. The Evolution Of Makeup Throughout History. May 7, 2015 By peter. Makeup has been around for centuries, yet it keeps evolving to keep up with our ever-changing lifestyles. Women go through extreme measures for cosmetic perfection and even subject themselves to serious health risks in an effort to look ...


High Performing, Non-Toxic Makeup Made with Natural & Organic Ingredients. 100% free of Parabens, Artificial Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, Mineral Oil & Gluten. Vegan-Friendly & not tested on animals! CREATED FOR THE BEAUTY JUNKIE WITHOUT THE JUNK®


Mascara is known to be one of the earliest forms of cosmetics. It dates back to as early as 3400 BC. It began with the Egyptians; they made their mascara out of kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey.