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What products and uses does Petroleum have outside of Gasoline? An April 2007 nationwide online survey revealed that 72 percent of the American public does not know that conventional plastic is made from petroleum products, primarily oil. I assumed this was common knowledge. Apparently, it falls ...


A partial list of products made from Petroleum (6000 items). One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like: Although the major use of petroleum is as a fuel, (gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil),


Most people associate petroleum with transportation — but we are surrounded by thousands of other everyday products that come from this vital natural resource. A typical 42- gallon barrel of crude oil yields about 20 gallons of gasoline and 4 gallons of jet fuel. What products come from the other 18 gallons?


What are petroleum products, and what is petroleum used for? Petroleum products include transportation fuels, fuel oils for heating and electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, and feedstocks for making the chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials that are in nearly everything we use. In 2018, of the approximately 7.5 billion barrels of total U.S. petroleum consumption, 46% was motor ...


6 thoughts on “ 50 surprising products you use every day that are made from petroleum ” Paige on June 7, 2010 at 5:38 am said: With all the chaos reported about the oil spill in the Gulf, many are slamming the oil industry and its products.


As the world’s population increases, the need for such a commodity will increase along with it. Since petroleum is such a widely used substance, its unstable price affects us more than we can imagine. The list of petroleum based products is scarily endless – but here are 10 of the most common things made from oil:


Petrochemicals are any products made from petroleum. You're probably aware gasoline and plastic start out as petroleum, but petrochemicals are incredibly versatile and are incorporated into a huge range of products ranging from groceries to rocket fuel.


The American Association of Petroleum Geologists is an international organization with over 38,000 members in 100-plus countries. The purposes of this Association are to advance the science of geology.


9 Everyday Items Made From Oil We all know about some of oil’s more popular uses. A lot of crude oil is converted into gasoline, used to fuel cars, planes, and other pieces of important, everyday equipment.


What people may not hear about often are other products made from oil. Dependence on nonrenewable resources is higher than many realize, and a lot of everyday products share oil as their main ingredient. Listed below are five items you may not know come from crude oil. 1. Vaseline® It’s a tried-and-true product for healing cracked or dry lips.