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There were a multitude of reasons why various European immigrants traveled to the Americas, but two of the biggest reasons were economic opportunity and freedom from religious persecution.


Contrary to the common myth that Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, he was not the first European to reach North America; that honor arguably belongs to Leif Erikson, who landed in North American locations in modern-day Canada and during the second century C.E.,...


The food that Europeans eat depends on the country and region of Europe they live in. Residents of Northern Europe, such as in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, generally have meals consisting of a large serving of meat and a small side of vegetables. In Southern ...


The three main reasons for European exploration of the North American continent were finding an alternate passageway to China and the eastern trade markets, the exploitation of labor and resources in the new world and spreading European-style civilization. In addition t...


Italy is a country in Southern Europe and a major European power. In 1957, Italy was one of the founding members of the European Economic Community, which became the European Union in 1993. It has been a member of the Eurozone since 1999.


Europeans were interested in Africa because of the abundance of raw materials for industries, minerals, cheap labor and to expand their territories. Some of the countries that were especially interested in Africa include Britain, France and Portugal.


The Jesuits were different from other Europeans in Latin America because instead of enslaving or exterminating the indigenous people, they brought them together and educated them in mission settlements known as reductions. These settlements were autonomous, financially ...