To learn about the ethnic origin of a name, search for the name on a website such as Ancestry or Behind the Name. Ancestry provides information about common surnames, while Behind The Name offers data about the etymology... More » Education

When Europeans first began assigning each other surnames to differentiate individuals in expanding urban areas, the names frequently referenced someone's appearance or the place that they were from. Names such as "Long,"... More »

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Behind the Name and Ancestry are two resources that provide the meaning and origin of a name. Behind the Name provides additional information regarding names, such as popularity, pronunciation in various languages and fa... More » Education

People interested in finding the origin of their names can look in baby name books, or visit sites such as Behind the Name and The Baby Name Wizard to search for their name. These sites allow users to learn more about th... More »

It is possible to determine the origin of a surname by using the free search tool at the Ancestry website. This tool returns a number of details, including the meaning, history and origin of a surname, the average life e... More » Education

The meaning of a name is easily found on a variety of websites, such as Behind the Name, Namberry or Ancestry. These websites offer the meaning and origin of a name. More » Education