Ethnic groups that compose the population of Benin include the Fon, Adja, Yoruba and Bariba peoples, as well as the Peulh, Ottamari and Yoa-Lokpa. Among the ethinc groups in Nepal are the Chhettri, Brahman-Hill, Magar an... More »

The United States government identifies several racial groups, including Asian American, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian and Alaska Native and Wh... More »

According to the FBI, for overall crime in 2012, whites and Hispanics have the highest crime rate at 69.3 percent. Blacks make up 28.1 percent of all crimes, Native Americans make up 1.4 percent and Asians/Pacific Island... More » Government & Politics Crime

Demographic information refers to the statistics that describe a population and can be used to divide that population into different groups. Examples of demographic information include age, gender, race, income, marital ... More »

A population pyramid represents the proportions of different age groups in a given population as two bar graphs arranged side by side; conventionally, the left bar graph represents males, and the right one represents fem... More »

Population density is the measure of the population number per unit area, according to An example would be people per square mile, which is calculated by dividing the total number of people by the land area in... More »

Africa has a wide ethnic diversity due to the long history of colonialism on the continent. Many European countries have colonized Africa throughout the centuries, resulting in a huge amount of ethnic diversity still pre... More »