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There are a number of ways to determine the ethnicity of last names, including online databases such as Ancestry, The Internet Surname Database, the Family Education Family Name History tool and MyHeritage. The most popular last names for people in the United States are...


Last names are traditionally derived from either a person's father's name, the geography near a person's home, an occupation or a nickname. Each language or dialect uses specific markers for these names, such as prefixes, suffixes or even names taken from specific words...


One common surname associated with the Han ethnic group in China is Lǐ ( 李 ). The Han Chinese comprise approximately 91.6 percent of the Chinese population, as reported in a 2010 estimate by the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook.


Ethnicity is a way of categorizing a person by means of a shared or presumed ancestry. Unlike race, which is defined according to biological traits, ethnicity is defined according to common origin and other variable characteristics such as language and religion.


To learn about the ethnic origin of a name, search for the name on a website such as Ancestry or Behind the Name. Ancestry provides information about common surnames, while Behind The Name offers data about the etymology and origins of first names.


Ethnicity is defined as the ethnic or cultural origins of an individual's ancestors. Ethnic groups are defined by a shared set of evolutionary features including bone structure, physical characteristics, skin tone and similar traits. Like domestic cats that developed in...


Find out the background of a name by using a website or organization that specializes in finding and recording the history and meaning of a name. For surnames, Ancestry.com is a reliable resource. For given names, the Social Security Administration and the website Behin...