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Erythematous mucosa of the stomach is a red, irritated lining within the stomach. This condition is generally seen when a patient has a diagnosis of gastritis, and the inflamed stomach lining is seen during an endoscopic evaluation.


Erythematous mucosa isn’t a diagnosis in and of itself, but it’s an indicator of an underlying condition. We’ll tell you what conditions can cause this symptom, what to expect from the ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Woods on erythematous mucosa stomach: The antrum is that portion of the lower stomach above the pylorus. Having chronic inflammation with extensive intestinal metaplasia is the precursor for developing gastric cancer. Left alone one would find an eventual gastric ulcer and invasive cancer. Partial gastrectomy would probably be indicated at this time.


Erythematous gastropathy looks like redness on the gastric mucosa, it is usually a sign of gastritis. A similar pathology may be accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, pain and heaviness in the stomach, vomiting, and a worsening of appetite.


That's the case with the term "erythema." It just means "redness." If you have a laparoscopic exam of your stomach and the doctor notes "gastric erythema," that just means that your stomach looked red. Erythema is a symptom, not a disease. It may also help to understand that "gastric mucosa" isn't a disease, either.


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The term "gastritis" refers to inflammation of the lining (mucosa) of the stomach. However, this term is also used when there is redness (erythema) of the gastric mucosa at endoscopy, although this may not always be accurate. Some types of gastritis may carry long term an increased risk of gastric cancer.


What Is Erythematous Gastritis?. Gastritis occurs when the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed or irritated and may also refer to the erosion of the lining. Erythematous occurs when there is redness of the skin because of dilation of blood vessels. In some cases, it is a normal response due to inflammation and can hasten healing. However, cases of severe blood vessel dilation can weaken and ...


When I was biopsied for Celiac Disease in January, 2010, one of the observations was, "Diffuse moderately erythematous mucosa with no bleeding was found in the gastric antrum," the Gastroenterologist ultimately said the test was negative for Celiac Disease.


mucosal folds, esophagitis was found, along with sverelamsmall esophageal ulcers. Biopsy was taken for histology. Diffuse nodular mucosa was found in the gastric fundus. Biopsy was taken for histology. Diffuse moderately erythematous mucosa was found in the gastric antgrum with ?? specks of blood. Biospy was taken for histology.