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Advent begins on a Sunday between the dates of November 27 and December 3. Since Advent always starts on a Sunday, the specific date varies from year to year but always falls within the specified range.


Advent is the season during which Christians of various denominations spiritually prepare to celebrate Christmas. For the majority of Christians, Advent takes place yearly from the fourth Sunday before Christmas through December 24. Advent may start as early as November...


Many Christians focus on love when celebrating the second Sunday in Advent, and worshippers light the second Advent candle, which is purple. Others use the second Sunday to contemplate themes of hope.


An Advent calendar is a ornate calendar constructed with fabric or paper that contains small, numbered flaps that serve as a countdown during the Advent season leading up to Christmas Day on December 25. Most Advent calendars are based on 24 days from December 1 to Dece...


Christian churches light one purple candle in the Advent wreath each week and preach a sermon on hope, love, joy and peace during the four Sundays of Advent. The candles symbolize the coming of Christ. The churches light the final candle in the center of the wreath on C...


The Advent season encompasses the four Sundays leading up to Christ's birth on Christmas day. During this time, there are four special readings called Advent readings.


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