To solve an equation with a calculator that is programmed with the order of operations, enter the exact equation and press the solve or equal button. If the calculator does not have the order of operations, enter the equ... More » Math Math Calculators

To solve an equation in one variable graphically, first manipulate the equation to put it in the form f(x) = 0, where x represents the variable present in the equation. Then use mathematical software, a graphing calculat... More »

Google has an online calculator. It is accessible in two ways: either by typing the math equation directly into the search box on or by searching for the term "calculator." More » Technology Internet & Networking

A fraction calculator allows a user to specify two fractions' numerators and denominators and perform basic mathematical operations on them. A user can do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of fractions. More » Math Math Calculators

The benefits of using a calculator with a fraction button include the easy conversion of decimals to fractions and the use of mixed numbers without converting them to improper fractions. The option to use improper fracti... More » Math Math Calculators

Percentage can be calculated on a basic calculator by multiplying with the percent button. If the percent button is not present, the percent amount can be converted to a decimal and that can be multiplied instead. More »

To run a program on the TI-89 calculator, turn the calculator on, and press the Home button. Access the list of programs by pressing the Subtraction button. Select and run the program from the list of programs. More » Math Math Calculators