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Epson products are sold, as of August 2015, at retail stores such as Best Buy, Staples, Target, and Office Depot. In addition, Epson products are ordered online at the company's official website, Epson.com.


To clean an Epson printer head, turn on the printer, click Start and select Devices and Printers on the connected computer, double-click the Epson printer, and select Adjust Printing Options. Select the Maintenance tab on the printing preferences dialog box that appears...


As of 2015 Epson has home printers, pro printers, replaceable ink pack printers, wide format printers and photo printers. Other all-in-ones include supertank printers and premium printers. Epson's two major categories of all-in-ones are WorkForce and Expression printers...


Because Epson manufactures so many different models of printers, the best way to find out why an Epson printer does not print is to use online support on the Epson website. Each printer's user's guide is available online. In addition, there is a troubleshooting guide wi...


Find your Epson printer's control panel, which is normally on the upper right-hand side, and locate the reset button. Press and hold this button for three seconds to reset the printer and clear away corrupted data. If the printer does not have a reset button, power off ...


To refill an Epson printer cartridge, reset the chip, drill a refill hole in the specified area and a second one in front of the first, inject ink via one hole and then replace the cartridge. Always refill your cartridge before it runs empty to prevent air pockets.


Separate salt and pepper by using static electricity on wool to attract the pepper. This process takes only a couple of minutes. You need a piece of paper or a petri dish, salt, pepper, a ruler and a piece of wool fabric.