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The Environmental Protection Agency researches environmental issues, creates and enforces regulations, provides grants and partners with other organizations. According to its website, the EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment.


The EPA recommends substantial preparation before taking any of the EPA tests. Many services offer test-taking strategies, practice and preparatory materials, which include study manuals, practice videos and audio tapes. When taking the exam, testing resources recommend finding a quiet place with In


Technicians who seek EPA refrigerant certification may acquire study materials from Video General Incorporated. Experience is not a requirement for taking the certification tests, but inexperienced testing candidates should consider using the study materials offered by Video General Incorporated or


EPA certification most often refers to certification as a HVAC technician working on air conditioners and similar temperature-control machinery, although it can also refer to any training program run by the EPA that ends in the awarding of a certificate. The EPA runs many such programs pertaining to


Free online practice tests designed to assist in preparing for the Environmental Protection Agency's various refrigerant-handling certification exams are available from ESCO Institute, as of 2015. To access the EPA practice tests, go to ESCOInst.com, click the link for EPA 608, then the link for fre


The EPA certification test is the test that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires all individuals who repair building air conditioning and refrigeration systems and purchase and handle refrigerants to take, according to EPATest.com. Those who work on refrigeration systems and air conditi


The material from which a chemical storage container is made varies depending upon what kind of chemical is stored in it. The most common types are metal, such as aluminium or steel, glass, and plastic.


EPA universal certification allows the recipient to work on virtually all appliances that contain refrigerants, small and large, high-pressure and low-pressure. The universal certification requires the possession of Type I, II and III certificates for handling A/C and other refrigerants.


EPA practice exams are broken down into five separate parts: Section 608 Core, Part I, Part II and Part III; and Section 609. The 608 Core exam for universal certification is the most important component, as an individual will not receive certification until he passes the Core exam. The core exam in


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires the containment of hazardous materials to protect the environment and workers; those items must be contained in a drum or containment system based on the chemical's requirements, according to Safety Info. When there are flammable or combusti