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Research the requirements to become an environmental health and safety specialist. Learn about the job description, and read the step-by-step process to start a career in environmental health and ...


For over 15 years, 360training.com has been leading provider of Environmental, Health and Safety training, by developing a comprehensive curriculum and online library with hundreds of training programs to empower EHS professionals.


TEEX Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) – General Industry; The University of Alabama Division of Environmental & Industrial Programs. ... Safety, Health, Environmental, and Risk Management Professional (SHEP) Accident Investigation Certificate; Specialist in Safety and Health (SSH) - General Industry ...


The Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA) credential demonstrates one’s understanding of today’s ever changing environmental, health and safety regulations. The CPEA designation is fully accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB).


Certified Environmental, Safety, and Health Trainer® To be the Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT), effective August 30, 2019, the Certified Environmental, Safety & Health Trainer (CET) is a certification held by those with experience and expertise in developing, designing, and delivering safety, health, and environmental training.


Graduate certificate in Environmental, Health and Safety. 100% online or evenings. No GRE required. Learn to manage complex environmental health and safety issues and address risk and regulation.


The steps to take to become an Environmental Health and Safety: Your first step is to earn your bachelor’s degree. Most employers require their Environmental Health and Safety professional to have at least earned their bachelor’s degree in environmental health and safety or any related discipline such as chemistry or biology.


Due to the development of health policies and practicing safety habits in the work field. For those reasons mentioned, there are quite a bit of questions regarding environmental health and safety certifications in Canada. Learn the process is to acquire such privilege in your own work field.


Modern occupational hazards cannot be taken lightly. To ensure safety and compliance, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) strongly recommends continuous training for workers who are exposed to countless hazards on the job. Get the Occupational Health and Safety Training you need to keep work accidents and injuries at bay!


This course is designed for the busy professional who desires to improve his or her knowledge and credentials but has little time for classroom training. This independent study course consists of ten assignments that can be completed at the student's own pace and earns a Professional Certification in Environmental Health & Safety.