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Enrichment in education refers to the climate and environment that a student experiences in a classroom or at a school. Enrichment is measurable, and there are several ways to further the enrichment of students.


Enrichment activities can span a number of areas from bird-watching to basketball. Enrichment activities expand a student's learning in ways that differ from the ways students learn during the school day.


An online classroom is a virtual space in which teaching and learning take place between instructors and students separated by distance, according to Iowa Public Television. Students log in to a website to communicate with classmates and instructors, retrieve course materials, complete assignments a


Many food companies enrich foods with iron to make it easier for people to maintain a sufficient daily iron intake. Iron deficiency anemia is a very common health problem that is often corrected by consuming more dietary iron.


Educational professionals who need help designing a classroom can choose to hire classroom design professionals for the process, ask for suggestions and assistance from students or consult online education resources like Edutopia, which offers suggestions for effective classroom designs. There are a


Classroom management is important to the whole education process because it offers students an ideal learning environment, helps prevent teacher burnout and makes students and teachers feel safer and happier. Classroom management involves more than just discipline and rules. It also entails organiza


Effective techniques for classroom management include setting clear expectations for student behavior and creating achievable learning goals for the students. Another good method for managing student behavior is to maintain a close and regular physical proximity to all of the children by moving abou


One way for teachers to obtain no-cost classroom supplies is to post a request to DonorsChoose.org. The site allows public school teachers to request anything from pencils to iPads, and donors can decide which project to fund.


An article on About.com has a list of iron-enriched or iron-fortified foods, which includes instant oatmeal, grits, ready-to-eat cereals, baby cereals, Iron Kids bread, pasta and iron-fortified formulas. A U.S. Health News article also lists some brands of iron-fortified, low-sugar cereals and oatme


Even though online classes sometimes provide opportunities for student interactions such as message boards and emailing, it's almost impossible to get to know the classmates online as well as in a real classroom. In an online class, students have fewer opportunities to develop a relationship with th