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Some overseas countries that offer opportunities for teaching include China, Spain and South Korea. As of 2015, these are some of the best job markets for Americans looking to teach English abroad.


Someone who wants to teach English as a high school teacher needs a bachelor's degree in English language. However, it is also possible to become an English education teacher with any degree by participating in a Teach Conversational English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL, program, and some organiza


When teaching English, write down the common errors that students make and correct them after they are finished speaking. This helps to prevent them from becoming self-conscious, and it helps to keep conversations fluid, rather than impeded by interruptions. Playing music in class is an excellent wa


OverseasJobs.com, GoAbroad.com and State.gov all list overseas jobs as of 2015. Each offers a search feature that allows visitors to find jobs based on keywords and locations, and State.gov, which is the U.S. Department of State’s official website, offers links to other international jobs boards.


To find open teaching positions at colleges, check the employment ads in such publications as the Chronicle of Higher Education in print and online. Professional organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of English also post online and printed notices about open positions, as do local n


Find overseas security jobs on standard job search websites, such as Monster.com and Indeed.com. Specialized job search sites, including ClearanceJobs.com and G4S.com, also list overseas security jobs.


Good places to retire overseas include France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Some good retirement countries in Central and South America are Costa Rica, Belize, Panama and Nicaragua.


Some helpful books for teaching English include Elizabeth Claire and Judie Haynes’ “Classroom Teacher’s ESL Survival Kit #1” and Susan F. Peregoy and Owen E. Boyle’s “Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL.” Both books offer comprehensive general resources for teachers of ESL students.


To find overseas contract jobs, use the services of a legitimate contract job search agency with connections to overseas employers. Before accepting an overseas contract job, candidates must obtain a work visa, arrange for transport and housing accommodations, and gain a firm understanding of the te


Find nursing job opportunities abroad through the military, U.S. State Department and charities, as well as through the World Health Organization and health care recruiters. Nurses who work overseas receive competitive salaries and benefits, and get unique and valuable experience working in poor dev