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Valve Job - Why Would You Need One - What Should You Expect You may have heard the term “valve job” because older engines frequently needed their valves reconditioned. You rarely hear about valve problems in today’s engines because modern OHC engines have fewer components to wear out and fail.


The average cost of a valve job is highly dependent on how many valves the car's engine has and what type of engine it is. A valve job for a 4-cylinder engine costs approximately $85 per valve repaired. The purpose of a valve job is to resurface the poppet valves and their seats, which control the flow of air and fuel to move the pistons.


If you want to do the job correctly, you will need to add in the cost of machining for new valve seals ($50/pair cylinder heads), the cost of the actual seals ($80/pair cylinder heads), and then a valve job and assembling each cylinder head ($200/pair cylinder heads).


What are the pros and cons of a valve job vs engine replacement or engine rebuild? - Answered by a verified Pontiac Mechanic ... therefore installing a used engine is a gamble and may cost more than a factory remanufactured one if you have the bad luck of getting a defective engine the first time (or two).


How much will a valve job cost? ... i'll say not less than 1000. mechanics charge a lot for this kinda of jobs because they have to open the engine. make sure that that is the real problem with your car. you know what? it may also be cheaper to replace the engine. it will be almost as the same price and get an engine with fewer miles than yours ...


Q: What is the average cost for a valve and piston rod replacement job. I thought it was the lifter but now they say its valve.


Cylinder Head Valve Jobs Save money, rebuild Your cylinder heads! Import & Domestic, Gas & Diesel repairs. Cars, Trucks, Heavy Duty, Cummins, Diesel, and Forklifts. Stop Leaks and Gain Compression.


A demonstration on how to inspect and do a basic valve job. Valve Guide Removal and Installation for our 620+ HP Street/Strip 454 Big Block Chevy - Duration: 17:12. PERFORMANCE ENGINE BUILDING 201 ...


Green line: 3 angle valve job Blue line: 3 angle valve job plus 30° backcut on the valve Overall gain in flow @ .500″ lift: 14cfm. This illustrates how even the mildest of engine builds will benefit from the addition of a decent valve job. On a mild 1776cc engine build, this modification alone could account for an increase of 10bhp or more.


04 Hyundai Sonata Broken timing belt. How to repair the cylinder head without sending it to a machine shop. This Hyundai had a broken timing belt and some bent valves. I removed some valves from a ...