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Life cannot exist without energy. Movement requires energy as well. Modern civilization depends on being able to harness and use energy effectively to generate electricity and to enable transportation.


Energy cannot be created, according to the law of the conservation of energy, which was first published in an 1842 scientific article by the German Physicist Julius Mayer. Based on the same principle, energy cannot be destroyed either. In an isolated system, energy can be transformed from one form t


Foods that give you energy include whole grains, oatmeal, bananas, oranges, pasta, salmon, beans, almonds and yogurt. The key is to eat foods with complex carbohydrates that have a low-glycemic index because they release energy slower.


About.com explains that the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be changed from one form to another, and the total energy of a system always remains constant.


Stored energy is most commonly referred to as potential energy, which has the potential to do work. Potential energy is also generally a result of gravity pulling down on an object and can be represented by the gravitational constant of g.


Energy at rest is called "potential energy." It is also called "gravitational potential energy" because it is a result of an item's mass, position and acceleration of gravity. Potential energy is equivalent to weight multiplied by height, where weight is the multiplication sum of mass by acceleratio


According to the Environment Protection Agency, solar energy is defined as energy derived from the sun's radiation. Solar energy sustains life on earth. It is also becoming increasingly common that this energy is converted and used as an alternative to fossil fuels.


Energy drinks can have unhealthy short-term affects, such as increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. As of 2014, it's unknown whether energy drinks cause long-term damage to the heart. Energy drinks can also cause dehydration.


Water energy is a clean domestic source of energy. It is a sustainable fuel source, which increases the stability of electrical systems and improves the atmosphere's condition. Additionally, water energy or hydropower improves irrigation, the water supply and flood control.


An energy transformation takes place any time that energy changes form. For example, carrying a cinder block up a flight of stairs increases the potential energy of the carrier and the block. Dropping the cinder block from the top of the stairs to the ground below converts the block's potential ener