Use a coin cell battery cross reference chart when cross-referencing a CR2032 watch battery. Locate any cell on the chart containing the CR2032 battery; every other battery on the same row is compatible with the CR2032. More »

To replace the CR2032 battery on a computer's motherboard, first be sure the computer is off and disconnected from its power supply, then remove the battery from its socket and insert the new battery. While most motherbo... More »

Batteries equivalent to the CR2032 include 2032C, SB-T51 and 5004LC. Battery manufactures usually include additional number and letters with the name of the battery to indicate its brand. For example, Duracell's CR2032 i... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

On most battery cross reference charts, the battery brand names are located in the top horizontal row. The battery models are listed vertically beneath each brand name. Find your battery brand name; next, look down the v... More »

A chart to cross reference a button cell battery can be found on certain brand-name battery websites. A chart is needed as there are many different styles, sizes and types of button cell batteries. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Watches

CR927 batteries are also known as DL927, DL927B, BR927, BR927-1W, CR279-1W, LM927, 5011LC, ECR927 and KCR927, depending on which battery company manufactures this particular size and voltage. The designation CR927 refers... More »

Use an automotive belt cross reference chart to cross reference Dayco belts. Find the model number of the Dayco belt in question, and note all the other belts on the same row. Belts on the same row are interchangeable wi... More »