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My dad's liver disease has gotten worse and it's now the end of his life. What are the symptoms of end stage liver disease? I was told it would be at least a few months, that he would get more and more tired and weak, then stop eating... what about pain?


What to Expect with Various Illnesses ; Liver Disease ; What can be expected in end-stage liver disease? Liver Disease. Print Send to a Friend. What can be expected in end-stage liver disease? The liver is the second largest organ in the body. It is located in the right upper abdomen under the rib cage. The liver has many important jobs.


You state all the symptoms of late stage cirrhosis, but don't really go into explaining what actually happens when a person IS dying of the disease; my sister has had those symptoms for years and is still "hanging" on… how bad does the disease have to get and how severe & how long is the "end stage" before death happens?


Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Elton on end stage cirrhosis death: Asciites can be drained and a catheter can be placed to drain the fluid at home. for topic: End Stage Cirrhosis Death


What are the last few weeks like for someone with end stage liver disease? Asked 20 Aug 2015 by Dolphin13g Updated 13 October 2015 Topics cirrhosis, liver, disease. ... Liver Cirrhosis - My mom's in hospital dying from cirrhosis (end stage). What should we expect? Updated 4 Feb 2019 ...


End-stage liver disease (ESLD) People with ESLD have cirrhosis in which liver function has deteriorated dramatically. ESLD is associated with complications such as ascites and hepatic encephalopathy .


Cirrhosis also increases your risk of liver cancer. The only effective treatment for people with end-stage liver disease is a liver transplant. Chronic hepatitis C virus is the most frequent cause of liver transplantation in the United States.


End-Stage Liver Disease includes a subgroup of patients with cirrhosis who have signs of decompensation that is generally irreversible with medical management other than transplant. Decompensation includes hepatic encephalopathy, variceal bleed, kidney impairment, ascites, lung issues.


End Stage Liver Failure - Cirrhosis Kimmie8124. I am wondering what to expect at the end stages of liver failure (due to cirrhosis). My mother almost died last week from this. She had the confusion, tremors, stomach distension, bleeding in her esophagus, you name it. She was on a breathing machine in ICU for a week.


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